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Paint Shop Pro Photo

With automatic and precision editing tools, plus the Express Lab to help you view and fix photos
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12 May 2008

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Professional photography is a passion successfully utilized commercially by many in this world, majorly belonging to the entertainment industry inclusive of fashion photography along with abstract photography and other modes like wildlife photography. Just like a computer artists, digital photos also need touch ups and air brushing sometimes to enhance its presentation and looks to be inserted in online or print magazines that requires huge amount of time to edit and adding effects requiring use of external tools like Photoshop and Illustrator and other editors effectually for brushing up the photos. A fresh approach to achieve the said results is Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 that combines the tools of all such applications under one roof and makes the process more efficient and result oriented.

Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 upon launch opens with a vibrant and vivid looking interface with a dark background with the main options located at the top pane with colorful icons placed alongside and on the left panel is placed the list of effects that can be inserted to adjust and enhance the image. An ideal application for aspiring and professional photographers this software can be converted to a darkroom for development and creativity. Moreover, the application also offers provision for fixing brightness, color and photo flaws along with adding multiple effects with the help of in-built storehouse of effects and much more, besides adding an exciting look to the photos and a new Express Lab helps the user to view and fix multiple photos at once and the learning center provided within helps the user to get started with the work without requiring any professional help.

Overall, Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 certainly proves to be a stunning tool to adjust and improvise the eventual results and hence gets a rating score of 4.5 points for its remarkable performance.

Publisher's description

Corel® Paint Shop Pro® Photo X2 is the ideal choice for any aspiring photographer’s digital darkroom. Fix brightness, color, and photo flaws in a few clicks; use precision editing tools to create the picture you want; give photos a unique, exciting look using hundreds of special effects, and much more! Plus, the NEW one-of-a-kind Express Lab helps you quickly view and fix dozens of photos in the time it used to take to edit a few. Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 even includes a built-in Learning Center to help you get started, it’s the easiest way to get professional-looking photos - fast!
Paint Shop Pro Photo
Paint Shop Pro Photo
Version X2
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